1st is ‘Pre-Production’ this is the part of the process where all the ideas, dreams, and wildest concepts are jotted down on paper so we can have full understanding of everything thing we will need to bring these dreams to reality. And how much this dream will cost to materialize. We also set shooting dates, times, and locations. Agree on a treatment and budget for the project.

2nd is the actual ‘Production’. When we go out to the agreed upon location with the intent to capture some of the highest quality and most creative f­­ootage possible.

3rd is ‘Post Production’ this is the part when our editors take all the acquired footage and whip together one of the most amazing videos ever seen in the world. Well at least that is the intent. After the editing process is complete, your final product is delivered to the client in the agreed media and format.


the Process

Most clients ask ’how much to shoot my video’. Well, before knowing how much the video will cost YOU, WE need to know how much the video will cost PERIOD. Every video is different, each client has specific needs that need to be met. We have a Three-Step Production Process that helps narrow down each projects' final cost to the smallest expense.